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Yi Shern Color Arts Corp. was founded in 1980. Presently the Company is endeavoring on the design and production of PVC Film Color Printing and mostly of wood pattern and stone pattern. Sometime there are creative printing film designs suitable for various kinds of traveling case. Yi Shern products are selling to both domestic and overseas markets, Europe, America and Asia countries.

Yi Shern has always been standing by the corporate philosophy of “No best but better” and place emphasis on team work and integration of individual experience and intelligence to gain the maximum value.
The Company is backed by a group of highly experienced employees and specialized printing techniques industrial consultants. These advantages help Yi Shern to build a top caliber design team who is always trying to match with customers' needs in customized design.

After setting up printing factory for 30 years, the Company has been able to develop a customer oriented service mode and the innovative designs opened new business fields for the Company. The rich development experience accumulated in the past years and cooperation relationship built with internationally reputable leaders in this field, Yi Shern is always in line with the movement of the market. The rich professional competence is applied in meeting needs of customers to seek for corporate earnings and brand value.

We are moving to lead the industry and we are staying with our instance in excellent printing techniques and our service quality and we believe providing completely reliable products to customers is the assurance of staying in the position of top printing service provider.

品質政策 Quality Policy
客戶服務 Customer Services
研發創新 Innovation and Development
Company History
\ year

Obtained ISO 9001:2015.

\ year

Further increasing of production line.

\ year

Expanding Plant.

\ year

Added with the Scanner and the Engraving machines.

\ year

Purchased plant and machinery equipment to involve in the printing for PVC vinyl flooring.

\ year

Founding of the Company and engaged in surface treatment and printing for ABS Travel Cases.

Specialized Technologies Designs Development Quality Control Proactive Services Quality Policy
Specialized Technologies Designs Development Quality Control Proactive Services Quality Policy
Specialized Technologies Designs Development Quality Control Proactive Services Quality Policy

Specialized Technologies

Incessant Improvement and Refining, Emerging Perfectly with Solid Experience.

Involving in gravure printing industry for 40 years, Yi Shern based on conventional gravure techniques, and integrate new technological process, and innovation in research and development, we have integrate and consolidate all sources and formed specialized technologies.


Designs Development

Breaking Frame of Imagination to Lead Innovation.

In customized design, we break the frame of imagination and let innovation taking off and coupled with market insight, innovative thinking, Yi Shern continues in rolling out designs meeting the needs of customer, even leading customers to venture into field they may not have dreamed. With such drive, we have won the trust and recognition of customers, domestic and abroad.


Quality Control

Pursuing Product Stability, Valuing Each Details.

We have keen insight of global trend and we can meet with response and innovative ability, and we support them with insistence in quality and endeavor in service and we build the added value of brand.


Proactive Services

Pursuing lasting partnership with customers.

In service, Yi Shern is positive and active and we always try to realize the development strategies of customers and market needs. In close cooperation and coordination, we have developed a set of professional service flow. Computerization helped us to effectively and efficiently manage and become innovative in promoting service efficiency and quality. And, we won their reliance and appreciation.


Quality Policy

Innovative Techniques, Incessant Improvement and Customer Satisfaction helped Yi Shern to grow together with Vendors.

Quality Management is the key to success of many excellent enterprises. Yi Shern follows Incessant Improvement quality policy with emphasis on the control of manufacturing process, and perfect operation flow to prevent error and increase operation efficiency. Under such system, our working partners will be conditioned to work stringently and in following established procedures and standards.
In order to enter into higher level quality management system, we implement ISO 9001: 2015 Quality System and are certified in 2017.

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